The Best Movie Theaters In North Hollywood, CA


A lot is going on in North Hollywood, ca. I mean, Hollywood is the industry here. You will find several screening rooms, film theaters, local film events, do-it-yourself projections, and outdoor screening everywhere. Even so, there are still a few places that rise against the rest in this city. Places you can chill and relax for two or more hours to get that cinematic bliss.


The good thing is that there is everything for everyone here, whether you’re into black and white movies, arthouse, or you want the most luxurious theaters where you’ll book and have your seat assigned to you. You will most definitely get a place fit for your kind of person. Here are our top picks for the best film theaters that North Hollywood has to offer.

Cinemark Theater North Hollywood


There is so much to love about Cinemark theater in North Hollywood. This is somewhere you can visit with your whole family, from the young to old. They will all feel comfortable and enjoy every moment spent here. Cinemark staff will treat all their clients equally, regardless of age and status, giving them nothing but excellent customer service. Have you seen their new luxury leather recliner seats yet? These seats are quite spacious and comfortable, making watching a two-hour movie seem like a two-minute event. Also, you can buy your movie tickets on your mobile phone. From most of their customers, their prices are also reasonable, and to make it even more interesting, they offer free parking services to their customers.

This is such a historic theater that has been in existence from way back in the 1920s. However, it was reopened in 2000, and since then, it has featured educational arts programs, musicals, unique arts, dance, and plays from all corners of the world. This place now houses three theaters after remodeling from a 1400-seating capacity. These theaters are 360-seat Debbie Reynolds Mainstage, 99-seat Monroe Forum Theater, and 42-seat Studio Theater. Inside, there is also an art gallery, which clearly tells you that you’ll never miss a thing going on in this amazing theater whenever you visit. It’s good for you and your kids since all its restaurants are within proximity. Their prices are also fair enough with a great support staff who is always ready and available to assist whenever you need help. Though they don’t have parking for their customers, you will still find their website quite useful for where to park.

These people are truly into this movie business. Their staff is committed to providing customers with the most fun movie experience ever in the city. So, if you’re looking for a movie theater that will give you both the convenience and entertainment in North Hollywood, then look no further than regal North Hollywood. Your comfort is well taken care of here with the availability of the firm recliner seats, which are pretty spacious and comfortable, by the way. The flexibility in purchasing their movie tickets is amazing. You can either do it online then get a QR code that you’ll show at the entrance, at the theater itself from the machines, or go to the many available kiosk machines in the city to get one for yourself. The place is also super clean and new, which is to be expected from a modern theater.

Theater 68

Operating Monday to Sunday, theater 68 is an amazing place to be for all movie lovers. If you’re looking for a theater in North Hollywood that provides live theater productions, then this is it. Theater 68 started in 2001 and is now home to two theaters, a 99-seat theater and a flex space. Inside is well ventilated with excellent lighting and acoustics. They also provide their customers with spacious and comfortable seats, and it doesn’t matter from which angle you’re watching or seated because the stage will still be accessible. Their prices are also very reasonable considering the quality of plays they offer to their customers.


Can you imagine the feeling you’ll get watching a movie from a rooftop? An ideal location for a late-night date. You’ll love and enjoy every minute spent here. This theater offers blankets to keep you away from the chilly weather at night, and for the noises in the city, they have headphones that the staff will show you how to wear and connect to the movie at a volume suitable for you. Their food and popcorns are yummy, and the prices are affordable. Unfortunately, the place is not fit for children.