Driveway Gate Repair & Installation. | We do everything, from custom one of a kind gates, some call a work of art; like the one pictured above that can be found on the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), Featuring Stainless Steel and Black Tinted Glass in a custom design.

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Perfect Driveway Gates Installation and Repairs

Electric Automatic Gates Gate Repair Services Los Angeles

Driveway Gate Repair & Installation. Do you need Driveway Gate repair services in Los Angeles or a neighboring city of Southern California? You’ve come to the right place!

Perfect Garage Doors & Gates, Inc. is the premiere gate repair company in Los Angeles and beyond! We specialize in garage door repairs and all types of electric gate repair services.

Our services include:

  • Automatic gate repair
  • Gate repair parts
  • Emergency gate repair
  • Automatic driveway gates
  • Commercial gate repair
  • Sliding gate repair
  • Metal gate repair
  • Security gate repair
  • Gates for garages
  • Wrought iron gates
  • Electric iron gates
  • Fixing sagging gates
  • Fixing a sagging fence.

Motorized, electric and automatic driveway gates are made of many moving parts, which operate repeatedly on a daily basis in order for the gate to open and close. Especially in high-traffic commercial properties and larger residential communities. Some driveway gates in Los Angeles will sometimes rust, or get damaged due to improper maintenance. Our expert technicians can fix any gate as well as building or installing custom electric gates, automatic entry gates, or any type of electric security fence you may need for your property whether it is residential or commercial.

Iron gates and electric wrought iron fences are one of the more popular choices many of our customers opt for when it comes to materials. This is no doubt because of how durable and weather resist they are. Iron gates in Los Angeles and throughout the SoCal region are known to last an incredibly long time. However we are the specialists at all types of electric gates be it repair or building them.

Perfect Garage Doors &  Gates, Inc. will help you mix and combine materials to suit your vision and match the aesthetic of your home or property’s design concept.

When it comes to performing new installs we are experts in all of these arenas:

  • Steel Drive Gates Installation Repair Los Angeles
  • Barrier Gates Installation Repair Los Angeles
  • Garden Gates Installation Repair Los Angeles
  • Steel Fencing Installation Repair Los Angeles
  • Aluminum Fencing Installation Repair Los Angeles
  • Custom Gates In House in Our Warehouse Los Angeles
  • Gate Ornamentals Custom Made Los Angeles
  • Gate Part Replacement & Gate Repair Service Los Angeles

Manual Driveway Gates Los Angeles

On a budget and looking for the best-looking gate that will give your house that curb appeal it’s been missing?

Our manual driveway gates are available in a wide variety of materials and designs. Styled with your home and neighbor- hood style in mind, options are virtually endless.

With our gates you never have to worry about your gate not remaining closed, sagging gates, faulty paneling or ineffective locks. We take pride in making sure that you are not only satisfied but that you love your new gate.

Perfect Driveway Gates Installation and Repairs will make reliable sturdy manual gates.

Perfect Driveway Gates Installation and Repairs Solar Powered Gates

Solar powered gates aren’t just good for mother earth they’re good for your pocket book! In today’s world every dollar you can save toward the future counts and with a solar powered gate you’ll be putting several more away for a rainy day. We offer two type of solar powered units depending on the scope of the project (weight/size of gates, amount of traffic, etc). Ask us how one of our Solar Powered Gate installations can start helping save you money now!

Solar Powered Options

Our 20 watt solar panel operated gates are not only great as back up when the power goes out, they are good for the environment. These heavy duty premium grate power supplies are the answer for heavy iron gates in rural areas where you can’t or don’t want to run a power supply to the gate, or for any high-traffic gate such as a commercial lot or gated community such as a mobile home park.

Our 15 watt solar panel operated gates are perfect for the every day family and can replace a typical power supply so there is no need to wire, unless you prefer to as many of our clients still choose to do so. It is merely a preference. Be good to the earth, be good to your home, it nurtures you and keeps you safe. Choose a solar powered gate from our Eagle Access Control System series of solar powered electric gates!

Wood Driveway Gates

Perfect for any ranch, Craftsman style home, cabin or perhaps, your place, a wood driveway gate can be the perfect way to bring your property to life and rev up your curb appeal.

Whether it’s fixing a wood gate or designing and installing a wood gate from concept to completion, we are here for you every step of the way and offer a bevy of design options. For extra durability and longevity we recommend a steel frame be added to your wood gate.

This can be done so it is no seen giving the aesthetic of a seamless wood finish. Be sure to ask us about our wood gate repair kits as well!

Wrought Iron Driveway Gates

If you are seeking a gate to stand the test of time generation after generation in your family choose one of our metal driveway gates. Available in a wide variety of styles and materials from a classic manual roll away model, to a fully automated entry gate from the highest volume traffic communities, our metal gates blend into the look and feel of each property seamlessly.

Be artistic and help us create your own custom gate by working with our in-house team of designers and engineers or give us your visions, then sit back and let us take care of the rest for you.

At Perfect Garage Doors & Gates, Inc. we welcome customer involvement and collaboration in their projects and love to see a client excited about improving the look and safety of their property.

Steel Driveway & Steel Entry Gates

Whether it is a new steel driveway gate installation or a Steel Driveway Gate repair, we work on all types of steel driveway gates and steel entry gates in Los Angeles and throughout SoCal. These are built to last a lifetime and available in traditional or powder-coated varieties to suit your preference and fit the needs of your project.

Custom Gates

You’ve got the perfect gate envisioned in your mind, now it’s time to choose Perfect Garage Doors & Gates, Inc. to execute your vision to the highest standards. Bring us the creative concept you’ve culled from Pinterest or your favorite D.I.Y. blog and our team of professionals will provide you a complimentary quote.

Custom Made Gate Embellishments

Why stop at the gate? Add the finishing touch and a little bit of personal flare to your home or property with custom gate ornamentals. These unique works of art will bring your property to life and set you apart from everyone else on the block. Our team of artists, designers, engineers and steel / Ironworkers can bring any vision to life.

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