Garage Door Problems: Should You Repair or Replace?

Garage Door Problems

Garage Door Problems: Should You Repair or Replace?

We all live in a fast pace world and with this comes the heavy use of our garage door. In the US, garage doors open and close at least 1,500 times per year. The garage door problems come because of this are people running in and out to soccer games, work, school, doctor, or other appointments.

All these movements will cause wear and tear on your garage door, such as chipped paint, parts getting worn out, and cracked panels. If you have a Garage Door Problem, we advise you to tend to it immediately. If left untreated, your garage door will experience long-term damage which can allow less protection to your home.

You will also lose money if you have a damaged garage door because once it’s cracked it will start letting air in your house. This is not good for your air conditioning or heating bill. Also, having a damaged garage door on your house can affect its curb appeal.

You may wonder then if you should repair or replace your garage door after it gets damaged. Below we will highlight instances where there’s repair or replacement of garage doors.

Repair or Replacing Your Garage Door

Repair or Replacing Your Garage Door

Do you know how long your garage door can last? With proper maintenance, your garage door can last up to thirty years. However, the lifespan of any garage door depends on you, the owner. The thing is life happens, and that means accident happens as well, e.g. you teenager accidentally backed up in the garage door or your panels got destroyed from a windstorm.

So, in answering your question whether to do a complete garage door replacement or repair depends on many circumstances, such as:

• Damages to your garage door

If your garage door has minor damages, it may be visible to you but doesn’t affect the structure of the door. Another minor damage is the paint on the garage door may crack away. Once the damage done to your garage door is minor, you should consider a garage door repair instead of replacing it.

If the damage to your garage door is moderate, which means the structural integrity is compromised, such as the roof is warped or it rusts, it will not work effectively. It also can’t keep out the elements or protect you from intruders. Once the structure is compromised, you may want to look into doing a garage door placement instead.

If the damage to your garage door is serious, meaning you can no longer open or close it, you should consider replacing it. You should also ensure that you check to see if the problem isn’t a simple fix, such as changing the battery or installing a new garage door spring.

• The extent of damage to the garage door

If your garage door panels only have a peeling issue, then you can simply repair it. However, if your garage door has cracked panels or is making a screeching sound or jerking, then it’s time for you to replace it.

• Cost

Cost is also a factor in deciding if you should repair or replace your garage door. If the estimated cost to repair your garage door is more than the cost of replacing it, then that’s undoubtedly the right way to go.

• The age of your garage door

The age of your garage door

If the damage to your garage door is minor but it’s an old door such as 20 years, you should consider replacing it instead of repairing it. It’s highly likely that your old garage door will need replacement before long.

Therefore, we suggest replacing your old garage door instead of investing in repairing it. There are many other benefits of replacing an old garage door, such as the modernized appearance, that will also change how your house looks.

Garage door repair may seem daunting at times, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Nowadays, garage doors come in various sizes, colors and styles to suit you. They also come in a variety of materials such as aluminum, steel, and polyurethane for additional security.

When it comes to repairing or Garage Door Problems, the options are many and each has its own distinguished look that will have you home looking modernized.


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