Best Veterinarians in North Hollywood, California

Best Veterinarians in North Hollywood, California


Finding a low cost veterinary that provides expert services is difficult. They can potentially save your pet’s life when something goes wrong. That is why you have to be careful when selecting veterinarians in North Hollywood. Find a licensed vet who is an expert in treating different kinds of pets. Find out all you can about the veterinary before you make a long-term commitment. Here are the best veterinarians in North Hollywood CA to help you get started.

1. Berkley Pet Hospital

Berkley is one of the exceptional veterinarians in North Hollywood. They provide exceptional services including, pet dental care, orthopedic surgery, and flea or tick prevention. The team is qualified and experienced in handling mostly cats and dogs. They can help you vaccinate your pets and prevent them from getting sick. It’s a fully-equipped pet hospital with a comprehensive laboratory, digital x-rays, and a pet pharmacy. They offer pet acupuncture services which most veterinarians don’t offer. They are a complete package, and with appointments, you will pay $ 35 for an examination. No one wants their pet to fall sick, but if they do, you should have such a place you can quickly rush to.

2. North Hollywood Animal Care Centre

This animal care center is also a full-service pet hospital. That means they can handle anything from a simple vaccination to complex surgical procedures. The team is always ready to receive you with a welcoming face and take care of your pet. They provide senior pet care services if you have an old dog. They can also microchip your pet for safety purposes. If your garage door or gate is not high quality, your pet can run out at any moment. But if you have microchipped them, it will be easy to find them even if they stray away. You can schedule wellness exams for your pet to ensure everything is okay. It’s easy to make a long-term commitment with such a veterinarian.

3. Blue Cross Pet Hospital

Blue Cross Pet Hospital

Blue cross does hospital does it all. It’s easy to monitor your pet’s health when you can get all the services in one place. They are open every day up to evenings; they ensure your pet is cared for even when you have a busy schedule. They handle surgeries, allergies, wellness, and tooth cleaning. All the staff members have completed fear-free certification training. You can get pet insurance to help you manage the medical bills. Your pet doesn’t have to be sick before you schedule an appointment. Sometimes wellness checks and grooming services are essential. That is why they are among the best veterinarians in North Hollywood CA. An appointment with your pet doctor can tell you so much that you did not know about your cat or dog.

This is a low cost veterinary with outstanding services. They have an experienced mobile veterinarian that can bring pet care to your doorstep. They have the most flexible and convenient services for the local farm and pet owners. The mobile veterinarian can offer wellness checks or complete examinations depending on what you need. They cater to different animals, not just cats and gods like most veterinarians. If you want in-home cremation and euthanasia, they are ready to help. Animal nutrition counseling is also one of the best services. You need your pet to eat healthy to avoid diseases. The prices are published on the website to avoid any surprise charges.

5. Sharp Pet Hospital

Blue Cross Pet Hospital

Sharp is a family-owned pet hospital that focuses on preventative treatment. They offer deworming, vaccinations, wellness exams, surgeries, dentistry, and flea or tick treatments. The pet hospital is mostly commended for having the best staff and offering friendly services. Your pet can also get skincare services at the veterinary. The complete in-house laboratory will give you results in minutes. Before any major treatments, you need to know what your pet is suffering from. The lab tests will ensure you are treating the right condition. The Sharp Pet Hospital has existed for many years; the vets are very experienced.


These are five of the best veterinarians in North Hollywood. They offer different services at different prices. Before committing to either of them, go through their services and see if it fits your pet. A consultation will tell you so much about the pet hospital. These five veterinarians have received a lot of praise from their clients. You should always go with the best vet for your pet.