Best Places To Live Near North Hollywood, CA

The Northern side of Hollywood is one of the gritty, diverse neighborhoods to live in California. Previously considered a rundown area, the area has undergone a transformation over the past years. Today, it has several comedy and theatre centers, classy restaurants and bars, and modern stores with dance studios and art galleries. The pedestrian-friendly neighborhood offers both bustling and suburban experiences. Here are the top 5 places to live near Hollywood.

1. North Hills

One of the best places to move to near North Hollywood is North Hills: This community features high-end homes with great views of Griffith Park that you can’t afford in Beverly Hills or Bel Air. It’s also close enough to UCLA for students looking for off-campus housing options while still enjoying a quick commute into Hollywood!

2. Hollywood Hills West

This part of the neighborhood is home to some of Los Angeles’ most stunning mansions owned by celebrities like Drake. The ambiance and seclusion will keep you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while still being connected to all that LA has to offer.

3. Marina del Rey


Another wonderful neighborhood in is Marina del Rey, CA, the largest man-made marina in America. You will be spoilt of condos and apartment choices that attract middle and high-income earners when it comes to housing. You will also have the opportunity to see sceneries like sea lions and boats.

Marina gives its residents a chance to enjoy surfing and warm sand. The “Mother’s” beach is a welcoming lagoon that is a very peaceful place for relaxation. Several outdoor spaces are also free to access, including North Jetty and Austin Jr. Park. You may also visit renowned beaches such as Venice Beach and Santa Monica Beach. When hungry, Marina del Rey does not disappoint with its eateries offering local cuisines such as pizza, burgers, and seafood.

4. Glendale

When asked where to live in California, the most common Hollywood neighborhood referred to majorly is Glendale, CA. This is a famous borough that is centered in Los Angeles. It offers a sense of community through diversity, making it perfect for a family setting. Glendale is 30 minutes away from downtown, which makes it favorable for those who do not mind commuting.

One of the reasons for Glendale’s fame is the natural views it offers, from beautiful parks such as Griffith Park to the fascinating Verdugo Mountains. The neighborhood’s park features natural terrain and picnic areas, covering over 4,200-acre piece of land. The Griffith Park also constitutes the widest municipal part offering wilderness experience. If hiking is your passion, then the valleys and hills are your best places to visit during your free time.

Glendale is also an amazing spot for Middle Eastern cuisine. There are several eateries in this area, including Skaf’s Lebanese Cuisine and Raffi’s Place. The local hotels offer American foods and Armenian cuisines such as kebabs and salads with a local touch.

5. Los Feliz


Los Feliz is considered a unique neighborhood because of its old charm and hipster depicting the Old Hollywood style. Most people living here describe the area as walkable and relaxed because of its suburban nature. Los Feliz is located near Griffith Park, where you can view the wild. You may also stop to see stars at the Griffith Observatory.

To take a break from the busy streets, Los Feliz also offers relaxing zones such as the North Vermont Avenues, where you can access different types of cuisines. The area is also composed of boutiques, bars, and restaurants. There is delicious Italian cuisine on Vermont’s La Pergoletta and II Capriccio. If you are a fan of Asian foods, you can check out Thai Kitchen or Starfish Sushi.