In addition to gate operators that swing or slide open, some automatic driveway or entry gates require the door to open from overhead.

For projects such as these, Perfect Garage Doors & Gates, Inc. uses the tried and true Eagle-OH by Eagle Access Control Systems.

Built to handle the gate capacity of most commercial and industrial projects, the Eagle-OH. Featuring a continuous duty motor available in either 1/2 horsepower for gates up to 20-feet or 600 lbs. or 1 horsepower motor with a gate capacity of 22-feet and 750 lbs. This model offers 3 different track systems for 8 foot, 10 foot and 12 foot high gates, and like all Eagle operators, the O.H. comes with built-in lightning and surge protection.

It features a state of the art diamond control board and a fully assembled trolley system with a quick release mechanism in case of a power outage.  The aluminum C-face gear reducer keeps your overhead operator quiet and running smooth with fewer moving parts while delivering power.

For more information, please watch this brief video!