The Best Water Parks Near North Hollywood, CA


Water Parks near North Hollywood are great places to relax and enjoy fun activities for the whole family during hot summers.

Water-themed Parks are popular entertainment parks where people of all ages can enjoy swimming and a wide range of aquatic activities. They are popular in California and North Hollywood where the climate can get very hot and families search for places to have fun while cooling off. Residents and visitors to these parks can enjoy visiting some cool water-themed parks to relax and stay cool under the scorching sun.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

The Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is a park located in Valencia. The water-themed park is opened from June to September and is a cool getaway from the summer heat. The park has a swimming pool, an area for kids and, a range of exciting rides. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is a safe park that offers hours of fun for all members of the family regardless of their age. The Park has thrill rides, kids’ rides, and family rides. Young children have a separate and safe play area called Castaway Cove and Splash Island- a pool specially designed for young children. Thrill rides for adults and bigger children include the Lightning Falls, Tornado, Tiki Falls, the Taboo Tower and, Black Snake Summit.

There are also rides for the whole family including the Forgotten Sea Wave Pool, the Bamboo Racer and, the Lost Temple Rapids. The Park accepts mobile and card payments. The park lays great emphasis on the safety of visitors. The maintenance and operation team at the park thoroughly inspects all rides and attractions daily. The Park intends to make the environment family-friendly. There are strict policies about how visitors should behave and dress. They also have a list of prohibited items that visitors cannot bring to the park. Pets are also not allowed at the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Park.

Raging Waters


USA Today has called the Raging Waters Park San Dimas CA one of the top ten water-themed parks in the USA. The park opens in May and stays open through September. The park has exciting rides, delectable dining options, cabanas for resting and, shopping options for the enjoyment of visitors of all ages. The park covers an area of 50 acres and is the largest water-theme park in. The park offers thrilling rides including Neptune’s Fury and the Bermuda Triangle. Visitors looking for a relaxing ride can ride down the Amazon Adventure River and young children can enjoy four specially designed rides. The Park has many affordable tickets and passes and offers discounts to suit most budgets.

Dry Town Water Park


Located in the City of Palmdale, this park has plenty of water though its name suggests otherwise. The park is located where an old silver mining town once stood. The old mining town was re-created and the park surrounding the town offers hours of entertainment for the whole family. The park covers an area of six acres and offers attractions for all members of the family. Young children can stay cool during hot summers by splashing in the Little Miner’s Camp. Adults and older kids will enjoy riding on the Dusty’s Mineshaft Racer. The park also offers thrill rides down twisting and turning slides. Visitors can buy one-day admission tickets and season passes. The park has facilities to host events including birthday parties for visitors of all ages.

Families looking for fitness and fun will find this park entertaining and educative. Traditional water-themed park entertainment is available. Children can also get swimming lessons at the park. The park has a 50-meter long pool for competitions. There is also a 25-yard pool and spa where students learn swimming. The park has a section called Buccaneer Bay with pirate-themed slides, a marooned ship and, a dramatic skull rock. The park offers facilities to host birthday parties at Buccaneer Bay. The Park stays open from May through September. A range of delectable snacks caters to the palate of the entire family. Pets are not allowed. Visitors can purchase day passes and season passes. Tickets include free parking and use of life jackets, mats and, inner tubes.

Water-themed Parks are cool places to visit during the hot summer months. They keep families cool and entertained. They offer rides and entertaining activities for children of all ages. Water-themed Parks are safe and adhere strictly to all safety standards. They also have strict policies to make sure that parks remain safe and enjoyable family-friendly places.