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Our clients are of the upmost importance to us. The connections we foster with the people we work with are a point of pride for us. Licensed, Bonded & Insured, we are delivering perfection un-compromised at every phase of the job from your initial contact in our customer service department to the finished stage of a completed project. Choose Perfect Garage Doors & Gates because Quality Has No Substitute.

We have your entire spectrum of needs covered!

Whether it’s traditional gate or garage door repair, custom build projects, wood or metal railings, brand new fabrications, installing an automatic entry gate, replacing a chain link fence, or you just need us to fix an existing electric gate.

Standards of excellence mean you not only get a finished project that matches the aesthetic of your beautiful home it can increase the property value and add to the curb appeal in your neighborhood. However, our customer service is what we really like to pride ourselves on. Our belief is that our job is not complete until our clients have had their expectations exceeded. The main goal is to make sure that each of our customers are taken care of, and beyond happy with what we have produced for them. And so we strive to address all concerns, questions and doubts any client may have and answer all of their questions in a timely fashion.

Our unyielding belief that everyone deserves a home that they feel safe and can be proud of is echoed in our clients happy sentiments, please read some of their testimonials below:

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I am a home owner in Los Angeles and I hired Perfect Garage Door & Gates to install a new Iron Driveway gate with electric Operation. I am very happy with the work and price. I would definitely recommend anyone to use their Services. Thank you Avshi !!

Ralph S.   
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Our old Eagle Gate system died for the 2nd time in 2 years and my husband was about to call the same repair company that overcharged us the last time...and obviously didn't do the best job, or we wouldn't need to call them to come back again. We called the Eagle company directly and they recommended Perfect Garage Doors and Gates. Avshi came to our house, performed a free inspection, and gave us a very reasonable estimate. He was extremely personable and very professional. We are so pleased with our new gate system and highly recommend Perfect Garage Door & Gates! At the risk of sounding corny, I will say they're PERFECT!

Shauna S.   
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Avshi and his crew did an excellent job - responded quickly, even off the normal biz hours, took care to schedule with my tenant, so i did not have to worry about scheduling. they send invoices via email, which is convenient these days. and best of all Avshi remembered the last time he visited the home even though it was years ago. he is a professional, caring person, what else could you really want?

Danna K.   
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Very rare to have someone who really care about customer satisfaction. On the first day of work they were a bit late, they apologized and stayed til dark to finish the work. The next day, I discovered an electrical problem w their installation, I contacted them late night and the owner called me back the next morning with the electrician already at the front door ready to fix the issue! Their price is also reasonable (I compared with 2 others) and it helps that they come with their own electrician; others don't and I would have had to hire my own (which means extra time and $). Their receptionist (Giana?) is some of the friendliest, warmest person I have talked to and she's doing this while having a cold.

I would highly recommend!

William K.   
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Avshi, Gianna, and the team at Perfect Garage Doors and Gates are amazing. They truly go above and beyond- more than any company I have worked with. They are kind, professional, willing to help, and have made many trips to the house to help resolve gate issues that have come up. I continue to be blown away by them. I would highly recommend them and have passed their info along to anyone looking! Very grateful.

Erin C.   
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If I had just one word to describe Perfect Garage Doors & Gates, it would be - PERFECT!! Avshi is the best. He built us a beautiful wood fence all around our new home, with an electric gate in the back. His workers were polite, efficient, careful and thorough. Avshi values customer service above all else, and because of that he is a dream to work with. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Sara m.   
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Katya, Avshi, and the 2 installers were a wonderful team from day 1. Katya provided excellent customer service, and Avshi was extremely honest and transparent about the time-frame and product installation expectations. Our 2 side-gates came out absolutely gorgeous, and we've gotten so many compliments from our neighbors! The installers were professional and courteous, and all work was done in a little over 1 day. Thank you Perfect Garage Door & Gates team! (See my before and after Photo!)

Rowena D.   
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Avi & his company did such a great job on a gate I needed. After I saw what a perfectionist he was and how reasonable he was I gave him 3 more jobs to do. They did all the jobs in a timely manner and great quality!!!!
Avi was very honest with his quote and a pleasure to work with. Very dependable and local company which is a plus!!

Gina D.   

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