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Electric Automatic Gate Repair Services Brea

The pros at Perfect Garage Doors & Gates will take care of your needs for electric gate repair or altogether new installation of an electric gate! We offer electric gate repairs in Brea, as well as new gate installation if you’re looking to replace your gate. Our top-notch gate technicians specializing in electric gate repair serve Brea and the greater Los Angeles area (and beyond!).

Our services include:

  • automatic gate repair
  • gate repair parts
  • emergency gate repair
  • automatic driveway gates
  • commercial gate repair
  • sliding gate repair
  • metal gate repair
  • security gate repair
  • gates for garages
  • wrought iron gates
  • electric iron gates
  • fixing sagging gates
  • fixing a sagging fence.


At Perfect Garage Doors & Gates, we offer high-quality electric gate repair for both residential and commercial properties. The durability and dependability of motorized, electric gates is something that you can rely on to keep your home or business secure. Our expert technicians can fix any gate as well as build and install custom electric gates, automatic entry gates, or any type of electric security fence you may need for your property whether it is residential or commercial.

Motorized driveway gates are made of many moving parts, which operate repeatedly on a daily basis in order for the gate to open and close. Especially in high-traffic commercial properties and larger residential communities. Some driveway gates in Brea will sometimes rust, or get damaged due to improper maintenance.

Wrought iron is one of the more popular choices many of our customers opt for when it comes to materials. This is no doubt because of how durable and weather resistant they are. Wrought iron gates in Brea and throughout the greater Los Angeles region are known to last an incredibly long time.

Perfect Garage Doors & Gates, Inc. are specialists in all types of electric gates, be it repairing or building them, and will help you mix and combine materials to suit your vision and match the aesthetic of your home or property’s design concept. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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Is your iron gate rusted out or broken? We can fix it, contact us.

Not all Iron gates are made equally. If a gate hasn’t been properly welded or painted your gate can get rust. Rust will destroy your gate and investment. If your gate is showing signs of rust then contact us for immediate rust removal and repair. We provide the best quality welding for you iron gate to last a very long time.

Need service for your gate? You’ve come to the right place! We offer affordable and reliable service on all types of gates. Just give us a call so our friendly staff can take care of everything for you!

Gate safety is our top priority. That’s why we offer a 20-point inspection for your gate, including checking all aspects and making sure it works properly so you can feel safe knowing that your gate is functioning properly. If any repairs are needed, our highly skilled technicians will notify you of the issue and we will provide you with a quote to repair it. It’s always a good idea to have your electric gate operators checked for any signs of wear and tear that can cause unexpected repairs.

Gate problems are not something to take lightly, and you never know, with our 20-point inspection, we may be able to catch a gate problem and fix it before any further damage occurs. We recommend having your gate operator serviced every 6 months not only for your safety and security but to ensure that everything keeps working perfectly.

We can handle any issue you may have!

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Broken hinges & latch repair service.

A broken hinge can paralyze your gate. On swing gates the hinges support a lot of the weight and are prone to breaking if they have been rusting for a while. If the hinges on your gate system are broken then contact us . We do emergecy calls and will remove, replace, and weld new hinges to your system.