A History of North Hollywood, CA

A History of North Hollywood, CA

The Lankershim Years

In 1887, J.B Lankershim, a local real estate developer, sought the help of eight other developers and bought 12,000 acres. Here Lankershim founded a town, and the residents called int Toluca. In 1888, the real estate developers created small ready-made farms with fruit and nut trees and sold them to people who wanted to purchase small farm lots. The gold rush of the 1880s developed a great interest in southern California and land ownership. The farms were a massive success until the 1890s.

The Land Bust of The 1890s

Drought and a drying up of the gold brought difficult times to southern California. Yet, despite this drought, the fruit and nut farmers still had good crops. They formed a Toluca Fruit Growers Association in 1894. The train made a daily freight stop at Toluca the following year, although the depot bore the name Lankershim. In 1896, the town changed its name to Lankershim.

Home of The Peach

In 1903 the area became colloquially known as “The Home of The Peach,” because of all of the peach trees and was named so for the founding of the Bonner Fruit Company, the largest peach cannery, and employer of the area. When the Los Angeles Aqueduct was finished in 1913, farmers wanted to purchase the excess water. Still, the federal laws permitting the construction prohibited the city from selling the water outside the city limits.

Farmers remained resistant for many years to annex the area to Los Angeles. However, it was annexed to the city in 1919. Despite water promises, the city withheld from the farmers, so when droughts hit, they were forced to sell or mortgage their small farms. Real estate developers bought up the properties and marketed them to prospective homeowners. Real estate developers began to market the glamor of Hollywood due to its proximity and was renamed North Hollywood. The result was a huge housing development surge that transformed it into the suburb it now is.

Shopping Centers


In the 1940s and 50s, the first department stores and auto dealers called Valley Plaza emerged. Other retail stores began to dot Laurel Canyon all the way to Oxnard. The Valley Plaza was once the largest shopping center on the West Coast. Now, due to new development and modern retail spaces, much of the Valley Plaza remains empty.

The Old Lankershim Downtown Area

What was once the heart of Lankershim, in the 1950s housed some of the largest retail stores, banks, and department stores in the area. But with the construction of the shopping center in the mid-1950s, the downtown retail stores found it difficult to survive, and many retail spaces were left empty.

Loss of Popularity

By the early 1960s, many of the early owners were old. Children had moved on. Black and Hispanic families moved out of the downtown areas into this area, and by the 1990s, the economic family standards of residents had become much lower.

In the 1990s, the area became known for the infamous bank robbery where the robbers carried assault weapons and wore military body protection. The shootout involved hundreds of police officers and lasted for an entire hour.

Change Again

Today, the area is again experiencing change. New construction and remodeling projects are transforming the area into a modern community that is committed to preserving its historic character while at the same time building new homes and entertainment districts for community residents to enjoy.

professional repair services

Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional For Your Automatic Gate Repair

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional for Your Automatic Gate Repair

Cutting costs at all times is a priority. Thus, it is tempting for you to try to repair your automatic door by yourself. But doing so isn’t the best idea. Hiring a professional is crucial.

Here are five reasons why:

Automatic Gate Repair

i. To Enjoy Increased safety

Damaged automatic gates are a hazard. Every year they cause personal injuries in the thousands. They could cause bruising, fractures, and in the worst case scenario brain damage. They also could slam shut while in use and damage your car. Your property’s security is also at risk with them. Remember, there could be potential unauthorized entry.

ii. You Get Valuable Experience and Expertise

There’s the confidence that comes with experience. You are more at peace when you’ve worked with an expert gate repair professional.

Hiring an expert reduces further costs later on. Excellent gate repair services ensure you get it right from the onset.

iii. Use of Proper Equipment at No Extra Cost

Automatic door specialists access all specialized tools of their trade. You get the best of equipment without having to buy any. It means you are saving on resources like time and money.

iv. Efficiency of Service

Top-notch efficiency is crucial for gate repair and installation. You don’t get that efficient when consulting the internet.

DIY articles and videos are good. But they cannot be a replica of your situation.

Hiring a professional brings in hands-on repair services. A physical inspection gets the real problem.

v. Warranty and Guarantees

Working with automatic gate specialists comes with a warranty. You get a guarantee for their quality services. Whenever anything goes wrong for a specified period, you get after-sale services. That way you have peace of mind. You rest easy knowing that you have professional backing for any unexpected events.

gate repair services

How to Get the Right Automatic Gate Specialists- Seven Tips

So how do you find the best? Here are five tips:

01. Find out about their level of experience. Check their repair services and portfolio. A professional company should have a collection of works that depicts their experience.

02. Find out about their level of experience. Check their repair services and portfolio. A professional company should have a collection of works that depicts their experience.

03. What tools and equipment do they use? Often, you can tell a quack from a professional by the tools and equipment they use. Check the tools that your potential gate repair services company uses. You can learn a lot.

04. Ease of estimation. How much time do they need? What about their estimate cost? Often, a professional can give an accurate estimate of the time they need on a job. The same goes for cost estimation.

If someone cannot tell either of these with accurate precision, be wary. Gate repair and installation experts often give free estimates, too. Be careful if the company you are dealing with is too hesitant to offer a free estimate. If they struggle with proper quotation processes, they are likely to be unprofessional.

05. Reasonable pricing. Knowing the average market rate for an automatic gate repair job is essential. But, you must remember to factor in value.

06. Ask about their gate repair policy. Run a check on what to expect after the installation. Will you get an after-sale guarantee? Can you reach them if demand arises?

07. What is their availability in case of emergencies? You want to work with a company that responds to your distress call any time day or night.

Check for past customer reviews as well. But be careful as testimonials can be subject to manipulation.

Let Us Install or Repair Your Automatic Door or Gate

As discussed above, it is imperative to get professional repair services. Doing so is beneficial for increased safety and reduction of long-term costs. When you have the backing of professional services, you can be at ease.

Why not give us a call now? We at Perfect Garage Doors & Gates Inc. are your perfect choice. We are design specialists for customized residential and commercial properties.

We offer 24/7 services on demand. 

We specialize in new fabricated custom installation. Whether you need a simple repair or fixing some rust, we are here for you. No project is too big or too small!

Perfect Garage & Gates, Inc.
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North Hollywood, CA 91605



Custom Steel Frame & KAYU Horizontal Wood Automatic Swing Gates in Los Angeles, CA

For this project we fabricated and installed a custom steel frame with inset horizontal wood from KAYU along with matching horizontal wood fencing in Los Angeles, CA.

The gate was fabricated and assembled in our ironworks shop in North Hollywood, which allows for immediate service to any part of Southern California. We then installed the gate using an Eagle X9 Motor mounted to the wall with heavy duty actuator arms for smooth and virtually silent operation.

We also built and installed matching wood fencing for the backyard of the residence.

This lumber was carefully selected from the dark red Meranti Group of wood species. As you can see Borneo Mahogany is a reddish brown hue which will deepen over time and then gradually silver with age.

This is just a glimpse at what we can build for you. We can replicate this for your property or you can use it as inspiration to build your perfect gate!

Enjoy the photo gallery of the finished project below and see the swing gate in operation in this brief demonstration video.

Custom Redwood Automatic Driveway Double Swing Gate Venice, CA

Here you see a custom double swing gate that we fabricated and installed for an condominium complex with high volume traffic in Venice, CA. The custom design was created to match the existing existing railing on the balconies of each residence. Here we have an custom powder coated iron frame with horizontal redwood fencing slats stained to match the existing railing as well. For this project we used an Eagle X9 gate operator complete with heavy actuator arms to open and retract the gate by remote or pressing a code on the keypad.

Check out the project in the photo gallery below and watch a brief video here.


Redwood TNG Fencing With Exit Gate in Beverly Hills

In addition to custom iron and metal work gate designs, we are also adept at custom wood fencing. Here is a perfect example of the quality of work we provide.

This recently completed project in Beverly Hills is a custom Redwood TNG Fence with Horizontal Slat Design complete with seamless exit gate built in.

We hope this helps inspire you with your own custom design. Let us know what we can create and install for you!

Custom Dual Swing Gate Los Feliz, CA

This week we put the finishing touches on a dual swing gate for a homeowner's manual driveway gate in Los Feliz, CA.

The traditional design and flat white finish was chosen to match the look and feel of the home's vintage architecture. In addition to the dual swing gates spanning the driveway, we fabricated and installed a matching pedestrian gate that is built into the structure of the driveway gate for walk up access from visitors. The gates are complete with custom iron handles fabricated in our own metal shop.

Take a look at the project photos below or relax and enjoy a slideshow of the work in this brief video.



Custom Glass Railing Hollywood, CA

Custom Glass Railing Hollywood, CA

Welcome to the Hollywood, land of perfect weather and a bevy of movie stars and celebrities. It’s the perfect location for luxury style living and Perfect Garage Doors and Gates, Inc. was able to provide just that with the right finishing touch on this custom wood deck.

Here we fabricated and installed custom glass railing to surround the perimeter of the existing wooden deck. For this project we used steel posts and brackets to build the framework necessary to place each pane of beveled glass.

It’s a perfect finishing touch to a gorgeous home and now it’s ready to entertain guests and loved ones as the weather gets warmer for these lucky home owners.

Custom Arched Top Steel Frame TNG Wood Gates in Los Feliz, CA

We thrive to rising to any challenge and this home, which was being prepped for sale in Los Feliz, CA proved to be a perfect challenge and we are quite satisfied with the results. The challenge of this project was the terrain of the neighborhood itself. The street the home is on has quite a steep slope, so not only did we have to get the perfect cut along the bottom of the gates, the cut for each piece of wood and steel frame had to be fabricated exactly for it to look right and function properly on a street that is anything but level.

After cross referencing and confirming final measurements the crew built and assembled both gates and then installed them onsite using an Eagle motorized operator for the driveway. These swing style gates have a traditional classic design that is timeless and will continue to add to the curb appeal of the home long after it is sold to the new home owners.

In addition to the motorized gate, the Pedestrian gate for visitors will feature an intercom security system from DoorBird, a leading manufacturer.

We hope you enjoy the finished project photo gallery of the project below or if you have a minute please stop by our YouTube channel to see the full project showcase including construction photos!

Custom Black Iron Fencing & Pedestrian Gates in Los Feliz, CA

This contemporary style custom iron fencing project provides the look of a high end, designer wood "horizontal slat" style wood fence, however it's been fabricated out of iron and metal, which will last much much longer than even exotic hardwoods.

For this project we created a perimeter boundary for the entire outside of the house and fashioned the design to match the look of the existing wood fencing along the side of the house on the other side of the garage.

The home owner opted to go with flat black paint. We also included a keypad on the rear pedestrian gate which allows secure access from the back of the home by the garage.

We hope you enjoy the photo gallery below or take a brief minute to watch the full project showcase and photo slideshow on our YouTube page.

Contemporary Design Custom Iron Railing & Gates with Glass Doors

Here is a home owner who has gone all out on the design of their home with patterns and designs that compliment and match one another right down to the driveway itself!

For this project, we fabricated and installed custom iron gates for the driveway and walkways. Then we created and installed matching custom iron railing for the upstairs balcony as well as custom glass doors for the garage and front of the house.

Enjoy the photos below or take a brief minute to watch the full project showcase and photo slideshow on our Vimeo page.

We hope this helps inspire you come up with your perfect home renovation and be sure to let us know how we can help!