Custom IPE Wood Deck in Woodland Hills

This custom deck was built with IPE wood. It was custom-built to fit around the existing hot tub and give an extra flare in this backyard setting.

The homeowner went with a beautiful IPE wood wall with a bench behind the deck to add to the beautiful aesthetic that the wood brings to the backyard. This also adds to the privacy and security of the backyard.


Custom Iron Swing Driveway Gate in Los Angeles

This classic style custom iron swing driveway gate provides a classic look while adding security to the home with the spikes on top.

This gate is accompanied by fencing for additional security to close off the driveway.

The homeowner opted to go with black colored paint. This gate is operated using a swing gate operator.


The Best Activities to do in Los Angeles, California

The Best Activities to do in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, is a vibrant metropolis renowned for its diversity, cultural landmarks, and limitless entertainment options. From sun-soaked beaches to iconic landmarks, the city offers a plethora of activities that cater to various interests and ages. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a longtime resident, here are the top ten things to do in Los Angeles that you should not miss.

1. Visit the Getty Center

Perched on a hilltop, the Getty Center is a world-class art museum that boasts an impressive collection of European paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts. The stunning architecture, beautifully landscaped gardens, and panoramic views of the city make it a must-see attraction. Admission to the museum is free, though parking requires a fee.

2. Explore Griffith Observatory and Griffith Park

For breathtaking views of the city and the iconic Hollywood sign, head to Griffith Observatory. This famous landmark offers engaging exhibits on space and science, as well as stunning vantage points of the Los Angeles skyline. Afterward, take a hike or enjoy a leisurely stroll through Griffith Park, one of the largest urban parks in the United States.

3. Take a Stroll Along the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach

Experience the quintessential Southern California beach culture by visiting the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach. Enjoy the carnival-like atmosphere at the pier, complete with an amusement park, arcade games, and street performers. Then, head to Venice Beach to soak up the eclectic vibe, watch skilled skateboarders at the Venice Skate Park, and explore the famous Venice Boardwalk.

4. Discover the Magic of Disneyland Resort

Located in nearby Anaheim, Disneyland Resort is a magical destination that enchants visitors of all ages. Step into the enchanting world of Disney at Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, where thrilling rides, live entertainment, and beloved characters await.

5. Immerse Yourself in Universal Studios Hollywood

Movie buffs and thrill-seekers will find excitement at Universal Studios Hollywood, a film studio and theme park rolled into one. Get an insider’s look at movie-making magic with studio tours, and then enjoy adrenaline-pumping rides based on blockbuster films.

6. Indulge in Culinary Delights

Los Angeles is a melting pot of diverse cultures, and its culinary scene reflects this diversity. From gourmet food trucks to Michelin-starred restaurants, the city offers a mouthwatering array of dining options. Don’t miss the chance to sample authentic tacos in East LA, savor Korean barbecue in Koreatown, or dine at trendy eateries in West Hollywood.

7. Shop on Rodeo Drive and Melrose Avenue

For a taste of luxury and high-end fashion, stroll along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, where designer boutiques and upscale shops line the palm tree-dotted streets. Alternatively, explore the trendy and eclectic shops on Melrose Avenue, known for its unique fashion, vintage stores, and street art.

8. Experience Cultural Diversity in Little Tokyo and Olvera Street

Delve into the rich tapestry of Los Angeles’ cultural heritage by visiting Little Tokyo and Olvera Street. In Little Tokyo, you can explore historic museums, savor authentic Japanese cuisine, and browse through specialty shops. Meanwhile, Olvera Street, located in the oldest part of downtown Los Angeles, offers a vibrant atmosphere with colorful market stalls, Mexican eateries, and traditional live music.

Custom Iron Sliding Driveway Gates in Los Angeles

These modern style custom iron sliding driveway gates provide a modern look while adding privacy to the home with the sheet metal.

These beautiful sliding driveway gates slide open opposite each other and meet in the middle when closed.

The homeowner opted to go with gray colored paint. These gates are operated using sliding gate operators.

Custom White Iron Gates in Encino

These classic style custom iron gates provide the classic look of a vertical iron gate with sheet metal in the back for privacy. This project included four matching gates.

These beautiful gates go with the aesthetic of the home.

The homeowner opted to go with white paint. These gates are secured with locks, two of which are mechanical keypads for coded entry.

Custom Modern Horizontal Iron Railing in West Hills

This modern style custom horizontal iron railing project provides the modern look of an iron railing. Fabricated using the highest quality iron and the most skilled craftsmanship, this railing brings a modern sleek open style to the home.

This exquisite railing goes with the aesthetic of the modern home.

The homeowner opted to go with black paint for a slim and modern look.


Custom Black Iron Sliding Driveway Gate in Agua Dulce

This classic style custom iron driveway gate project provides the classic look of a vertical iron gate with some ornamental design pieces, along with ornamental decorative knuckles and decorative three-point spikes along the top of the gate. A matching fence panel was installed to close the gap between the fence and the gate on the right side.

This beautiful sliding gate goes with the aesthetic of country living that is the area.

The homeowner opted to go with black paint. This gate is operated by a sliding gate operator.

The Best Plumbers in North Hollywood, California

The Best Plumbers in North Hollywood, California

The Best Plumbers in North Hollywood, California

The Best Plumbers in North Hollywood, California

Experiencing a plumbing nightmare can be a costly one. Not only that, but havng to deal with water damage can also be expensive if items need to be replaced. In order to help avoid any plumbing mishaps, it is good to call in an expert plumber before things get messy. Of course you can do a search of plumbers near me, or you can count on our list of best plumbers who can get the job done.

1. A-Team Plumbing Services Inc.

At A-Team Plumbing Services Inc., they provide service for any and all plumbing problems. Services are provided throughout the North Hollywood and surrounding areas. Their plumbers have more than 20 years of experience in both residential and commercial plumbing. Services offered include declogging of sewer drains, water leak repair, replacement of water lines, repair of fixtures, and inspecting sewer cameras. The A-Team plumbers are on-call 24 hours for any and all plumbing emergencies.

2. Alpha Rooter

When you are trying to find a plumber that´ll be there when you need them, you´ll be happy to know that Alpha Rooter has been in business in North Hollywood since 2004, where they continue to provide outstanding workmanship and professionalism. Besides the ability to fix common plumbing issues, they can also change out a sewer and drain. If a water heater is bad, they will gladly take care of the problem by either repairing it or replacing it. In your bathroom, they can replace faucet handles and sinks. If remodeling a home, you will love their expert help with sizing and placing water pipes for your home. Plus, Alpha Rooter also provides maintenance for businesses and can be reached 24 hours for any issues concerning plumbing.

3. Coast to Coast Plumbing and Rooter

Coast to Coast Plumbing and Rooter

When you need to find a plumber and cunduct a search of plumbers near me, you´ll get a few plumbers who can fix your plumbing problem. You will be happy to know that things get easier with Coast to Coast Plumbing and Rooter on your side.. They have found several solutions surrounding faulty plumbing for North Hollywood residents. Many of the services they offer involve water pressure, clogs, leaks, gas line, sewage drains, water heaters, and sewer pipes. Besides the above, Coast to Coast is able to install and maintain stabilizers and shut-off valves for earthquakes.

4. Deputy Plumber

With Deputy Plumber you get a full service provider who is capable of providing the best solutions for every type of issue in all Northern Hollywood areas. The team at Deputy Plumber offers services for general plumbing needs as well as cleaning drainsfor both commercial businesses and residences. The plumbers can tackle issues surrounding repiping, lining, and locating piping. Plus, they can locate leaks, inspect sewage videos, and replace trenchless sewers. They can also replace or repair water heaters.

5. JMS Express Plumbing

Since 2008, the plumbers at JMS Express Plumbing continue to be one of the most affordable plumbers within North Hollywood. They offer recommendations surrounding repair of bathrooms and remodelation including the upgrade of bath tubs, sinks, faucets, and toilets. They are able to detect leaks in slab and repair them if necessary, advise you of any possible leaks that may happen if warping is noticed or walls with cracks in it. They know the process for cleaning drains and advise you of necessary clogs that need to be removed with hydro-jetting. If an emergency occurs, they can get to your location the same day to rectify the issue.

6. Michael’s Valley Plumbing Service Pros, Inc.

Being family-owned, Michael’s Valley Plumbing Service Pros, Inc. has been one of the top plumbers since the late 80s. The plumbing they offer includes plumbing for residences that involve the kitchen, bathroom, cleaning of drains and sewers, re-piping of copper, installing of water heaters, and detecting leaks. Commercially, they offer re-piping of copper pipes, commercial plumbing for new construction, and core drilling. Their availability includes holidays, weekends, and nights.

7. Power Plumbing

Another one of the best plumbers in North Hollywood CA is Power Plumbing. With more than 30 years of plumbing experience, they are able to offer solutions for all commercial and residential needs. With 24 hour service, they will be there when ever an emergency arrives. They can detect leaks that occur within piping, valves, and fixtures, repair and install toilets, and repair active leaks. Besides that, they can repair or install your water heater as well as handling issues pertaining to backflow, sprinklers, clogs, and drains.

8. Pride Plumbing & Rooter

Pride Plumbing & Rooter

As one of the top plumbers on this list, Pride Plumbing & Rooter remains as one of the most affordable plumbers that has been providing plumbers in North Hollywood CA for 25 years. Many of the different services they provide include irrigation systems, unclogging drains, and repairing pipes and leaks.

Best Veterinarians in North Hollywood, California

Best Veterinarians in North Hollywood, California

Best Veterinarians in North Hollywood, California

Best Veterinarians in North Hollywood, California


Finding a low cost veterinary that provides expert services is difficult. They can potentially save your pet’s life when something goes wrong. That is why you have to be careful when selecting veterinarians in North Hollywood. Find a licensed vet who is an expert in treating different kinds of pets. Find out all you can about the veterinary before you make a long-term commitment. Here are the best veterinarians in North Hollywood CA to help you get started.

1. Berkley Pet Hospital

Berkley is one of the exceptional veterinarians in North Hollywood. They provide exceptional services including, pet dental care, orthopedic surgery, and flea or tick prevention. The team is qualified and experienced in handling mostly cats and dogs. They can help you vaccinate your pets and prevent them from getting sick. It’s a fully-equipped pet hospital with a comprehensive laboratory, digital x-rays, and a pet pharmacy. They offer pet acupuncture services which most veterinarians don’t offer. They are a complete package, and with appointments, you will pay $ 35 for an examination. No one wants their pet to fall sick, but if they do, you should have such a place you can quickly rush to.

2. North Hollywood Animal Care Centre

This animal care center is also a full-service pet hospital. That means they can handle anything from a simple vaccination to complex surgical procedures. The team is always ready to receive you with a welcoming face and take care of your pet. They provide senior pet care services if you have an old dog. They can also microchip your pet for safety purposes. If your garage door or gate is not high quality, your pet can run out at any moment. But if you have microchipped them, it will be easy to find them even if they stray away. You can schedule wellness exams for your pet to ensure everything is okay. It’s easy to make a long-term commitment with such a veterinarian.

3. Blue Cross Pet Hospital

Blue Cross Pet Hospital

Blue cross does hospital does it all. It’s easy to monitor your pet’s health when you can get all the services in one place. They are open every day up to evenings; they ensure your pet is cared for even when you have a busy schedule. They handle surgeries, allergies, wellness, and tooth cleaning. All the staff members have completed fear-free certification training. You can get pet insurance to help you manage the medical bills. Your pet doesn’t have to be sick before you schedule an appointment. Sometimes wellness checks and grooming services are essential. That is why they are among the best veterinarians in North Hollywood CA. An appointment with your pet doctor can tell you so much that you did not know about your cat or dog.

This is a low cost veterinary with outstanding services. They have an experienced mobile veterinarian that can bring pet care to your doorstep. They have the most flexible and convenient services for the local farm and pet owners. The mobile veterinarian can offer wellness checks or complete examinations depending on what you need. They cater to different animals, not just cats and gods like most veterinarians. If you want in-home cremation and euthanasia, they are ready to help. Animal nutrition counseling is also one of the best services. You need your pet to eat healthy to avoid diseases. The prices are published on the website to avoid any surprise charges.

5. Sharp Pet Hospital

Blue Cross Pet Hospital

Sharp is a family-owned pet hospital that focuses on preventative treatment. They offer deworming, vaccinations, wellness exams, surgeries, dentistry, and flea or tick treatments. The pet hospital is mostly commended for having the best staff and offering friendly services. Your pet can also get skincare services at the veterinary. The complete in-house laboratory will give you results in minutes. Before any major treatments, you need to know what your pet is suffering from. The lab tests will ensure you are treating the right condition. The Sharp Pet Hospital has existed for many years; the vets are very experienced.


These are five of the best veterinarians in North Hollywood. They offer different services at different prices. Before committing to either of them, go through their services and see if it fits your pet. A consultation will tell you so much about the pet hospital. These five veterinarians have received a lot of praise from their clients. You should always go with the best vet for your pet.

The Best AC Repair Companies in North Hollywood, California

The Best AC Repair Companies in North Hollywood, California

The Best AC Repair Companies in North Hollywood, California

Once in a while, your AC may break down, thus exposing you and your family to unmatched or extreme cold and hot temperatures. For instance, if you are based in North Hollywood, California, and you don’t have someone to repair your AC on time, you may end up experiencing highly inconveniencing days and nights, more so with the ongoing heatwave that has caused wildfires. The good thing is that, regardless of this, there are numerous AC repair companies in the northern part of Hollywood where you can get these services and more. As a resident of Hollywood, there is a wide array of AC repair companies near me that offer residents different services. Therefore, the following is a breakdown of some of the best air conditioning repair companies near me.

Air Crew Air Conditioning

Air Crew Air Conditioning falls under the category of one of the best ac repair companies near me. This is a family-owned and operated company located within my vicinity. Established in 2005, the company has been at the forefront in ensuring the prompt servicing and maintenance of HVAC systems. The professionals who work at this company are fully licensed, thus giving you the peace of mind that your appliances are attended to by a qualified person. Customer services are also top-notch, and you are guaranteed to get accurate and prompt feedback from the company. Additionally, if you are not sure about your preferred services, you can request a free online quotation to give you a headstart of what to expect.

Around the Clock Heating A/C, Inc.

This company offers a wide range of HVAC services such as heater installation and air duct repair. This company has been in operation since 1986, thus making it one of the most reliable and reputable AC repair companies in North Hollywood. When dealing with this company, you will have the peace of mind that your appliances are under the care of qualified and licensed professionals. Additionally, the company is family-owned, meaning that the professionals working for the company will treat your appliances as their own since they understand the importance and usage of ACs. Besides, price quotations and service booking can be made online by anyone searching for AC repair services. Consequently, thanks to their 24 hours support line, you are guaranteed to get services or help at the press of a button.

Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning

This is arguably one of the best air conditioning repair companies in northern California due to its proximity to people and its huge catalogue of services. Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning was established in 1963 and incorporated in 1978. For more than 58 years, this company has offered a wide array of HVAC services to Californians. Within the period that the company has been operational, it has received positive reviews from its consumer base, who attribute its professionalism to its quality work. In addition, the company employs fully certified technicians who have a better understanding of what consumers need or what faulty products lack. Apart from this, its portfolio has enabled it to offer its services to commercial and residential clientele. Some of the services provided by the company include insulation and HVAC ducts, commercial HVAC, and performance evaluation of HVACs.

Mega Clean Air

This company is versed in repairing AC appliances and cleaning vents and duct pipes. The company takes pride in the fact that its services rely on exceptional workmanship that depends on professionalism and respect. The company has won numerous awards for its exceptional services, with the most recent award being the 2020 Super Service Award. The good thing about the company is that when you enroll in their services, they will offer you annual reminders on appliances that need to be serviced.

If your AC has broken down and you have no idea of what you are going to do, the aforementioned AC companies near me will be there to offer you the assistance you need. The good thing about these companies is that if you are not sure about the services you are looking for or you are uncertain of the amount of money you will pay to have your AC repaired, you can quickly get an online quote to get you going.