Custom Steel Frame & KAYU Horizontal Wood Automatic Swing Gates in Los Angeles, CA

For this project we fabricated and installed a custom steel frame with inset horizontal wood from KAYU along with matching horizontal wood fencing in Los Angeles, CA.

The gate was fabricated and assembled in our ironworks shop in North Hollywood, which allows for immediate service to any part of Southern California. We then installed the gate using an Eagle X9 Motor mounted to the wall with heavy duty actuator arms for smooth and virtually silent operation.

We also built and installed matching wood fencing for the backyard of the residence.

This lumber was carefully selected from the dark red Meranti Group of wood species. As you can see Borneo Mahogany is a reddish brown hue which will deepen over time and then gradually silver with age.

This is just a glimpse at what we can build for you. We can replicate this for your property or you can use it as inspiration to build your perfect gate!

Enjoy the photo gallery of the finished project below and see the swing gate in operation in this brief demonstration video.

Custom Redwood Automatic Driveway Double Swing Gate Venice, CA

Here you see a custom double swing gate that we fabricated and installed for an condominium complex with high volume traffic in Venice, CA. The custom design was created to match the existing existing railing on the balconies of each residence. Here we have an custom powder coated iron frame with horizontal redwood fencing slats stained to match the existing railing as well. For this project we used an Eagle X9 gate operator complete with heavy actuator arms to open and retract the gate by remote or pressing a code on the keypad.

Check out the project in the photo gallery below and watch a brief video here.


Redwood TNG Fencing With Exit Gate in Beverly Hills

In addition to custom iron and metal work gate designs, we are also adept at custom wood fencing. Here is a perfect example of the quality of work we provide.

This recently completed project in Beverly Hills is a custom Redwood TNG Fence with Horizontal Slat Design complete with seamless exit gate built in.

We hope this helps inspire you with your own custom design. Let us know what we can create and install for you!

Custom Dual Swing Gate Los Feliz, CA

This week we put the finishing touches on a dual swing gate for a homeowner's manual driveway gate in Los Feliz, CA.

The traditional design and flat white finish was chosen to match the look and feel of the home's vintage architecture. In addition to the dual swing gates spanning the driveway, we fabricated and installed a matching pedestrian gate that is built into the structure of the driveway gate for walk up access from visitors. The gates are complete with custom iron handles fabricated in our own metal shop.

Take a look at the project photos below or relax and enjoy a slideshow of the work in this brief video.



Custom Glass Railing Hollywood, CA

Custom Glass Railing Hollywood, CA

Welcome to the Hollywood, land of perfect weather and a bevy of movie stars and celebrities. It’s the perfect location for luxury style living and Perfect Garage Doors and Gates, Inc. was able to provide just that with the right finishing touch on this custom wood deck.

Here we fabricated and installed custom glass railing to surround the perimeter of the existing wooden deck. For this project we used steel posts and brackets to build the framework necessary to place each pane of beveled glass.

It’s a perfect finishing touch to a gorgeous home and now it’s ready to entertain guests and loved ones as the weather gets warmer for these lucky home owners.

Custom Arched Top Steel Frame TNG Wood Gates in Los Feliz, CA

We thrive to rising to any challenge and this home, which was being prepped for sale in Los Feliz, CA proved to be a perfect challenge and we are quite satisfied with the results. The challenge of this project was the terrain of the neighborhood itself. The street the home is on has quite a steep slope, so not only did we have to get the perfect cut along the bottom of the gates, the cut for each piece of wood and steel frame had to be fabricated exactly for it to look right and function properly on a street that is anything but level.

After cross referencing and confirming final measurements the crew built and assembled both gates and then installed them onsite using an Eagle motorized operator for the driveway. These swing style gates have a traditional classic design that is timeless and will continue to add to the curb appeal of the home long after it is sold to the new home owners.

In addition to the motorized gate, the Pedestrian gate for visitors will feature an intercom security system from DoorBird, a leading manufacturer.

We hope you enjoy the finished project photo gallery of the project below or if you have a minute please stop by our YouTube channel to see the full project showcase including construction photos!

Custom Black Iron Fencing & Pedestrian Gates in Los Feliz, CA

This contemporary style custom iron fencing project provides the look of a high end, designer wood "horizontal slat" style wood fence, however it's been fabricated out of iron and metal, which will last much much longer than even exotic hardwoods.

For this project we created a perimeter boundary for the entire outside of the house and fashioned the design to match the look of the existing wood fencing along the side of the house on the other side of the garage.

The home owner opted to go with flat black paint. We also included a keypad on the rear pedestrian gate which allows secure access from the back of the home by the garage.

We hope you enjoy the photo gallery below or take a brief minute to watch the full project showcase and photo slideshow on our YouTube page.

Contemporary Design Custom Iron Railing & Gates with Glass Doors

Here is a home owner who has gone all out on the design of their home with patterns and designs that compliment and match one another right down to the driveway itself!

For this project, we fabricated and installed custom iron gates for the driveway and walkways. Then we created and installed matching custom iron railing for the upstairs balcony as well as custom glass doors for the garage and front of the house.

Enjoy the photos below or take a brief minute to watch the full project showcase and photo slideshow on our Vimeo page.

We hope this helps inspire you come up with your perfect home renovation and be sure to let us know how we can help!

Gate Intercom Systems: DoorBird Video Door Station D101S

Alongside our standard Eagle Access Control Systems gate openers as a choice for automatic driveway gates, our go-to solution for pedestrian gate security access is a series of Video Door Stations made by DoorBird. This blog delivers an overview of the most popular and affordable model, the DoorBird D101S. However, there are many to choose from in the DoorBird brand with even more features and benefits if your budget allows for something higher-end.

The DoorBird D101S is housed in UV-resistant, polycarbonate including a stainless steel faceplace and door bell button also made of stainless steel with an illuminated LED ring light. Sturdy and lightweight, the D101S boasts an HDTV 720 pixel dynamic camera with a high-end, ultra-wide angle hemispheric lens that ranges between 180-degree horizontal and 90-degree vertical view that includes nigh-vision, automatic filter and 12 IR-LEDs. The 2-way duplex audio streaming speaker and microphone feature echo and noise cancellation so you have no problem hearing your visitor at the gate. Additionally, the passive infrared motion sensor has 180-degree detection angle and a range of 2 – 8 meters or 79 – 315 inches depending on the environment it is placed in.

More accessories and DoorBird models are of course available if your budget allows for something with more bells and whistles. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email and a sales rep will help you as soon as possible.

Overhead Gate Operators

In addition to gate operators that swing or slide open, some automatic driveway or entry gates require the door to open from overhead.

For projects such as these, Perfect Garage Doors & Gates, Inc. uses the tried and true Eagle-OH by Eagle Access Control Systems.

Built to handle the gate capacity of most commercial and industrial projects, the Eagle-OH. Featuring a continuous duty motor available in either 1/2 horsepower for gates up to 20-feet or 600 lbs. or 1 horsepower motor with a gate capacity of 22-feet and 750 lbs. This model offers 3 different track systems for 8 foot, 10 foot and 12 foot high gates, and like all Eagle operators, the O.H. comes with built-in lightning and surge protection.

It features a state of the art diamond control board and a fully assembled trolley system with a quick release mechanism in case of a power outage.  The aluminum C-face gear reducer keeps your overhead operator quiet and running smooth with fewer moving parts while delivering power.

For more information, please watch this brief video!