Hillsides, Metal Fencing & Summer in Beverly Hills

Hillsides, Metal Fencing & Summer in Beverly Hills. On this lovely first day of summer our team is busy in Beverly Hills, CA. We are working on a steep hillside installing a custom, powder coated iron fence that will run the perimeter of this lovely estate.

The design the home owners chose is a modern wrought iron. Each post is installed approximately every 4ft, and buried in the 24 inches of cement. The metal bars are at a 67.5 degree angle to keep the open appearance while maintaining privacy. This angle also is key in keeping out local wild life, such as coyotes, and wildcats while safe-guarding small pets, and children.

The finishing touch is the powder coating. This option is not only environmentally friendly (no harmful chemicals in production) but has been known to prolong the life of an iron fence an additional five to ten years. Available in a wide range of colors, powder coating is perfect for any metal that is going to have lots of exposure to the elements; such as heat, sun and rain. Although not strong enough to stop a bullet, is definitely takes much more energy to scratch, or chip a powder coated object.

Installing on a hillside can be tricky. It takes a large amount of planning, precise measurements, and a great team to pull it together in time and on budget. The summer months in Southern California can be brutal, and even Beverly Hills is not exempt to the conditions.

Our team are troopers, safety is of course first, and so precautions are made to ensure that everything is done up to code and with everyone’s well being taken into consideration. Being the pro’s that they are, our team is prepared for anything. It helps when you get to do what you love for a living.

Custom Fence Installation – Los Angeles

Every installation is different, each reflects the style and needs of the people who live there.

Be it securing your home, or wanting to add more privacy to your property, the style of your gates and fencing should not only function for what you want it to accomplish but also reflect your person aesthetics as well. Every home, every property has a history, each person who has lived there has left their fingerprint. When you choose to have a custom gate and fence installed with Perfect Garage Doors and Gates, Inc., that fingerprint has a lasting effect.

Made with the highest quality materials, our fencing and gates are built to last. For example take one of our latest projects in Los Angeles.

From start to finish, not only have we provided our client with the best materials for his project but also gave him an end result that he is not only happy with but something that will endure for years to come. Stylish and modern without being too Avant-guard.

What we did:

Fabricated and installed metal posts and framing with Redwood TNG placed in the center for privacy. Each Frame was carefully crafted and welded into place on a post that was buried in 18” of cement and placed every 5 feet.

Once In place the frame was erected onto the post and we were ready to place in our Horizontal design Redwood TNG planks. Things from that point are quick, when we work together as a team, each member knowing exactly what to do, everything works like a well-oiled machine. Within hours the fence is up and we are painting the metal and applying stain and clear-coat protection to the wood to ensure that it will withstand the test of time, sun, wind, heat, water and anything else that may be thrown at it. The end result is something that not only are we proud of, but something that this family will enjoy the use of and the look of for years to come. If interested, other services we offer:

  • Driveway Gate Installation
  • Automatic Driveway Gate Installation
  • Electric Driveway Gate Installation
  • Pedestrian Gates
  • Side Gates
  • Garden Gates
  • Iron Work
  • Wood Working
  • Custom Decorative Iron
  • Wrought Iron Gate Installation
  • Security Fencing
  • Security Gates
  • Access Control Systems

And So much more!