2-Tone Black and White Colonial Style Swing Gate and Fencing – Pasadena, CA

For this residence in Pasadena, CA we built and installed a two-tone black and white colonial style automatic driveway gate with swing gate operator. The timeless design is a perfect visual compliment to the architectural style of the home.

It was built using redwood which has been treated and painted in black and white to match the client’s design color palate. The classic elegance of this design will stand the test of time as will the performance of the gate, thanks to the high quality standards our crew is held to when building.

Because of the location of the driveway which is flanked on either side by the home itself as well as tall shrubbery for privacy, a motorized swing gate operator is the perfect choice, since a sliding gate wouldn’t work logistically. In addition to the matching fencing custom built to surround the driveway gate, we also built and installed a matching pedestrian gate for foot access to the residence.

We hope this elegant and timeless design will help inspire you when deciding what style gate or fencing we can perfect for you!